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Most Trusted Mortgage Brokers In Wollongong

The experience of the team of mortgage brokers at Illawarra Mortgage Brokers ensures that we always provide the finest services to customers in and around the Wollongong area. Our team has many years of expertise in the home lending field, and we are committed to giving each and every one of our customers the best and most efficient service that is currently available for our clients in Wollongong and the greater Wollongong/Illawarra area.

We have the best mortgage brokers in Wollongong available to assist you – so call us to get started on your refinancing, purchase of an investment property or first home. A 10-minute discussion with one of our accredited home loan brokers will allow you to understand your home loan options.

No matter whether you are a first-time buyer, an investor, or wanting to refinance, the team of mortgage brokers that we have are knowledgeable in their profession and will help you locate the home loan or investment loan that best suits your needs. As we are aware that everyone’s circumstances are unique, so we make it a point to carefully consider your preferences and expectations before attempting to locate the financial product that best meets your needs.

Our Mortgage Brokers – for Real Estate Purchases

We are fortunate to have a good working relationship with the leading lending organisations in Australia, which include the big banks, non-banks (Such as ING, AMP etc) and credit unions which are among the most well-known lenders in the country. The mortgage brokers at Illawarra Mortgage Brokers all have extensive expertise working in the banking and finance business, as well as an exceptional track record of obtaining house loan approvals for the purchase of real estate in a variety of different circumstances.

Borrowing that is more complicated, and for higher amounts

Illawarra Mortgage Brokers have considerable expertise working with loans ranging in size from small home loans to large home loans and investment property portfolios, trusts, and other types of lending arrangements.
Did you know that there is a vast difference between borrowing capacity across all of the lenders?

They are not all equal. Some will lend you more than others, which means that by having access to dozens of lenders you would have more options and therefore more ability to save on interest rates by being able to choose between lenders. Your mortgage broker will be able to tell you more about this.

Illawarra Mortgage Brokers will also assist you with your home loan options and then submit your loan application on your behalf. We efficiently package it for your optimum benefit, regardless of whether you are self-employed, or work for someone else. We may also be able to negotiate a lower interest rate for you. However, this may also depend on the amount of money you borrow. We have very experienced home loan brokers – mortgage brokers in Wollongong to get the best rates for your circumstances.

Investing in real estate

If you spend your money effectively purchasing either residential investment or commercial real estate, this may assist you in your wealth creation plans. Our mortgage brokers near Wollongong are knowledgeable about investment financing in both the residential and commercial spheres. They will collaborate closely with your accountant and/or financial advisor to help maximise the possibility that you achieve your investment objectives.

First home buyers

Finding the appropriate financing alternatives is necessary for first-time buyers interested in the Wollongong property market. Our home loan brokers are highly skilled in the art of aiding first home buyers in evaluating the many mortgages available to our clients and assisting them with selecting the one that best meets their needs, at the lowest possible cost.

Our loan brokers can assist you in obtaining your first home loan and obtaining the best home loan the first time around. This will also include the options of having a guarantor assist you. Dis you know that a guarantor is not tied to the loan for the full duration of your loan? Learn more about limited guarantor home loans and this would assist you, with a call to one of our mortgage brokers.

Home Loan pre-approval

You will be in a far greater position to bid at an auction or to negotiate on a potential purchase if you have already been pre-approved for a home loan. You will then have a specific figure of the amount you can borrow. In order to purchase real estate, you should be fully informed and prepared by obtaining a written pre-approval, which will typically be valid for about three months. Some lenders will extend a pre-approval by a further 3 months.

It is important to note, that some lenders will not reassess a pre-approval as interest rates increase during the preapproval period. Some lenders will reassess with each rate rise during the pre-approval period, and this is an area you should be careful with. Please contact a mortgage broker at Illawarra Mortgage Brokers to find out more.

Get a professional on your side

The process of applying for a mortgage and to maximise the efficiency of your loan throughout the course of its life, may be significantly improved by working with a qualified mortgage broker from Illawarra Mortgage Brokers. A competent mortgage broker is an expert on your side who will ensure you obtain the correct loan from the beginning. From there, processing the application through to loan settlement and then monitoring the market after settlement to provide further savings to you, is all a part of the ongoing service.

Call us to discuss your home loan options

Please get in touch with Illawarra Mortgage Brokers if you are interested in working with the most experienced and understanding home loan broker in the Wollongong area. We are able to assist you in locating the loan that is most suited to meet your requirements and we will give you the right recommendations throughout the process. Because we have access to a large network of lenders and because we are experienced brokers, we are certain that we will be able to locate the offer that is in your best interests. Call us at 02 4257 5626.

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