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Personalised Mortgage Brokers Servicing Berry

Over the course of more than 24 years, Illawarra Mortgage Brokers has been providing Berry residents with the finest mortgage broker services. We take great satisfaction in providing individualised service and working with our clients to locate the most advantageous loan packages for them

Illawarra Mortgage Brokers are a group of seasoned mortgage brokers who are dedicated to locating the most suitable loan for each of our customers. Our goal is to deliver a personalised service and to take the time to fully understand the requirements of each individual customer. Because we work with a broad selection of financial institutions, we are able to locate the loan that best suits your needs among the many products that they provide.We are able to assist you in the process of refinancing, as well as the purchase of your first home or an investment property.

We are aware that locating the right lender and obtaining a house loan is a significant step, so we are here to assist you through each stage of the home loan process. Illawarra Mortgage Brokers will demonstrate the differences between lenders, and their many products that are available to you. We will provide recommendations regarding structuring a loan that is tailored to your specific requirements and needs.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you are in excellent hands with our team of expert mortgage brokers since they have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the home loan industry.

What are the advantages of using the services of a professional mortgage broker?

Assistance that will save you time

Getting assistance from our skilled mortgage brokers who are available in Berry, comes with a number of advantages. We can help you save both time and money, as we are able to identify the mortgage options that are the greatest fit for your specific requirements. Once we understand your needs and we key that information into our loan platform software, we will be able to recommend some options. This generally only takes around 15 minutes from the time we start discussions with you.

Comparisons that are second to none

Because our mortgage brokers have access to a broad variety of lenders and due to our sophisticated comparison software, we can compare the lenders home loans side by side in an easily understood format within minutes – the software takes live data from all of the lenders and shows the differences immediately. We are able to show you the differences between the various loan products on offer and what that means from a savings perspective. This takes all of the guesswork out of where to go and what home loan to apply for.

Keeping you updated and informed

Another advantage of working with a mortgage broker is that we are able to assist you throughout the loan process and provide information to you regarding how everything will come together. This means that you will understand the products that will be offered to you, the differences between the various loan types and what takes place at each step of the application stages. Illawarra Mortgage Brokers can provide answers to any queries you may have and assist you in ensuring that you are receiving the best loan available on the day that you apply for finance.

If you are contemplating purchasing a home in Berry, please consider a chat with Illawarra Mortgage Brokers to obtain a better idea of what we may be able to offer you. There is no obligation for you to proceed with us, but we are quietly confident that you will be happy with recommendations and ideas relating to your home loan, that we will go over in detail with you.

Why Should You Choose Us to Be Your Mortgage Brokers?

Knowledge & experience

If you are looking for the most trustworthy and knowledgeable mortgage brokers operating in Berry and the surrounding areas, then you can consider us for a number of different reasons. We have comprehensive experience and expertise in the mortgage market, and we are dedicated to negotiating the most favourable terms for your mortgage loan.

Options from many lenders

Because we deal with a wide number of different lenders, we are able to shop around for the rates and conditions that are most favourable to your requirements. We are also not affiliated or reliant on any one lender or bank. Because of this, we are able to provide objective assistance and locate a mortgage that is suitable for you, rather than being limited to one or two lenders. We have dozens of lenders to choose from, and we can provide direct comparisons to you, so that you increase the options available to you.

We work for our clients

We are focussed on our clients needs and not the lender’s needs. This means that Illawarra Mortgage Brokers have our clients’ interests top of mind, during any home loan discussions. We receive a commission from each of the lenders on our panel, and there is really not enough difference in what they pay to motivate us to look outside of the best deal possible on the day that you may apply for a home loan. Our mortgage Brokers are only focussed on what is the best way forward for our clients.

There are several advantages to working with mortgage brokers. The following are just some of them:

  • We have worked in this field for many years, and we will generally be able to know which lenders policy will be suitable for your needs, thus providing a successful home loan application for you the first time that you apply. Applying for the right loan with the right lender is key to having less stress for any loan application.
  • As mentioned, we are dedicated to locating the most advantageous financing option for you and will always put our best foot forward in finding the best loan available to you.
  • Because of the extensive amount of lenders that we deal with, we are able to source the most competitive interest rates, compare these rates and fees between the different lending institutions, and provide a direction that will work for you. We also provide detailed information to our first home buyers and provide options that will save them money. Including the option of guarantor loans and we explain how this eliminates the large Mortgage Insurance fees charged. Interestingly, this can lower the interest rate on their home loan at the same time, in most cases.

Berry is one of the areas that Illawarra Mortgage Brokers has been serving for many years. We are known for being a consistent and persistent mortgage broker firm who advocates for each client. We are there to help you with getting your finance sorted the correct way the first time. We provide a range of services, including home loan mortgages, renovation loans, and loans for investments, among other types of loans to do with property. We have experienced and knowledgeable mortgage brokers working in the Berry area who are prepared to work with you to choose the financial home loan product that will best meet your requirements.

Call us if you would like more information

Contact us if you would like to start the process of comparing loans that would be most suited to meet your requirements. It will be our pleasure to guide you through the process of a refinance or a purchase and assist you to negotiate the best outcome for your home loan.

Please call us on 02 4257 5626 to get further information about our services or to get the application process for your loan started.

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