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Should I fix my home loan??? July 2022

Should I fix my home loan rate or is it too late? – This question at the time of writing, (July 2022) is on the minds of all borrowers, and it is also the most difficult one to answer for many reasons. I will cover this below in detail to... + read more

What should you know about a Renovation Loan?

This article will explain why sometimes it doesn’t pay you to wait to apply for a Renovation Loan. Please read on to discover why a lot of Australians are getting on with the job of renovating their home sooner, rather than later. What is a renovation loan? The purpose of a renovation loan... + read more

Bank vs Mortgage Broker?

Do you really know what a mortgage broker does? We can’t stress how important it is for us to know everything about your circumstances to best advise what loan structure you should have in place. It is all about discussing your needs, and making sure that we achieve the best result... + read more