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Complete Mortgage Brokerage Services In Tarrawanna

The Illawarra Mortgage Brokers team is composed of knowledgeable specialists who provide exceptional service to our clients in the Tarrawanna area. Our company has been in the home loan business for more than 24 years, and our mortgage brokers provide a wide variety of services to our customers, such as pre-approvals for house loans, refinancing, investment loans, and other home loan financial products.

We are aware that obtaining a mortgage can be a distressing process for some borrowers, and we provide a free no obligation consultation to all prospective customers who are interested in having a mortgage broker on their side, when buying property or refinancing a home or investment loan in the Tarrawanna area. This provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions that may come to mind and to provide you with an understanding of where we can assist you and what we are able to provide to you in regard to competitive home loan solutions.

Our team of mortgage brokers can assist you in locating the loan that is most suitable for your circumstances, regardless of whether you are seeking to purchase your first home, purchase an investment property, or refinance your current mortgage. In order to get you a good deal, we check over hundreds of different loans from the dozens of home loan providers on our panel. The lenders we have access to include the major banks and many non-bank lenders such as ING, Virgin Money, Macquarie bank and many more.

The Procedures we follow: Applying for a Home Loan in Australia

When looking into getting a mortgage loan in Australia, there are a lot of different things consider. To get you started, here are a few of the areas we cover to ensure that you have a good experience with your home loan refinance or purchase.

Research that will compliment your needs – its already done

There is a wide variety of lenders available nowadays with banks, non-banks and smaller lenders crowding the home loan market and all wanting your business. It is essential to know what all of their various offers will mean to you, and where that will benefit you, before you apply for a home loan.

Illawarra mortgage Brokers are always looking at what is current with all of our lender’s product offerings. We receive constant updates from these lenders via emails every week so our research is always current. This means that we are informed about any changes – Positive or negative, with each lender, and we understand where a loan may fit with a lender and more importantly, where it will not. We basically assist you in choosing a lender that is the best fit for your loan scenario. It is not difficult to get it right the first time if you are obtaining the right help.

Putting some beneficial structure into your home loan

We are always discussing with our clients the various benefits of having a loan structured to suit your needs, which is important for both now, and over the next few years. This is important for example where income may be limited and there are concerns regarding repayments.
Fixed rates may be a solution to provide certainty in your repayments. Your mortgage broker is going to discuss all sorts of ideas with you, that will assist you in having your home loan set up for maximum benefit to you. It may be a discussion about fixed rates, variable interest rates or a mix of both.

We often have conversations with our home loan customers about debt consolidation, which may assist you with affordability in your overall lending repayments between your home loan and other smaller debts that you may be able to eliminate. Personal loans and credit cards are some examples of what may be consolidated. There are so many more possibilities when it comes to having your loan set up and structured to suit your future home loan plans and payments.

Changes to purposely design your loan features can assist you in managing your home loan better. Even life changing events can be easier for you with the proper structure. Having a baby and therefore losing an income for a period of time is a perfect example of why it may be important. Your mortgage broker at Illawarra Mortgage brokers will be able to assist you in this area, as there are numerous scenarios where it may be useful to you.

Be aware of what your needs and objectives are

Before applying for a loan, you should have a good idea of what is necessary for your home loan needs. This will assist us in making certain that you are applying for the appropriate product.

You can apply with online only lenders – but beware

The ability to submit an application for a loan online is currently offered by a variety of online lenders. That is all fine, but for the average person to lodge a loan not knowing if the lender is able to approve the home loan, this now becomes an issue as the lenders footprint will be on your Credit File – this needs to be explained to any other potential lenders each time you apply for finance if you are not successful with the online application.

We can save you time by doing it right the first time and eliminating the need for you to lodge multiple finance applications. Our software eliminates the lenders who will not get behind you to approve your home loan. Our knowledge and our software will easily enable us to evaluate different home loan options for you and you will receive an estimate of the amount of financing that could be available to you across all of the lenders with whom you would qualify with.

Discuss your options with your mortgage broker.

The search for a loan and the application procedure is made easier with the assistance of a mortgage broker. We are also able to provide experienced guidance about the product that would be most suitable for you. Here at Illawarra Mortgage Brokers, we pride ourselves on our ability to gain a complete understanding of what each clients preferences and needs are, and then we get to work to find the home loan product that best fits those needs.

The search for a suitable loan and also the home loan application procedure to follow, will be much easier with the assistance of a mortgage broker. That is certain. We have accredited mortgage brokers available in and around the Tarrawanna area who are able to visit you to discuss your options.

If you are in the market for a new house loan, our mortgage brokers who work in the Tarrawanna area can help you save time and money by simplifying the process of locating a lender, selecting the correct loan for your requirements, and ultimately applying for the finance. If you are in the market for a new home loan, contact one of our mortgage brokers for more information.

How we do it:

  • Because our mortgage brokers have access to a wide range of lenders, we are able to do extensive research on your behalf and compare the hundreds of home loans that are available to find the perfect fit for your home loan situation. And all on the best possible terms.
  • Because we are familiar with the application procedure for assessing and submitting loans, we can assist you in avoiding any possible problems that may arise. Been there done that for over 2 decades. We understand what the lenders are wanting when we submit an application, and we try to have everything presented to the lender in a complete application so that they can assess the loan for you with less back and forth. 
  • We really do aim for what is called a one touch application. This means the lender does not need to ask any questions as the file was presented and approved without the need for further documentation. 
  • We are here to provide answers to any questions or concerns that you may have during the loan application process.. Your mortgage broker will be able to address any questions for you in a timely manner. We pride ourselves on being very contactable, which you will see if or when you call us.

If you would like to learn more about your home loan options, please give Illawarra mortgage Brokers a call – our mortgage brokers will of course make themselves available to meet with you in Tarrawanna for an appointment. They can assist you with understanding all of your home loan options.

Please call us for further information

At Illawarra Mortgage Brokers, we pride ourselves on being fully accessible to assist our customers with any mortgage related questions or concerns they may have. Please call us on 02 4257 5626 if you live in the Tarrawanna area and are seeking a mortgage broker. All information is treated with confidentiality and of course, there is no obligation.

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